Ombuds Will & Will Not

The Ombuds team will

  • Listen carefully to understand issues of concern from the student’s perspective.
  • Discuss relevant school or University policies and procedures.
  • Help students identify available options to undertake moving forward.
  • Help to illuminate the likely interests of other involved parties to assist students in framing their concerns productively.
  • Help students to develop the skills and confidence to raise their concerns directly with relevant parties, and offer other appropriate guidance.
  • Provide informal mediation support.
  • Bring urgent concerns to the Dean while maintaining student anonymity.
  • Partner with relevant University resources to develop or advance initiatives to prevent problems and enhance professionalism across the school.
  • Report general trends to the Dean.
  • Assist in bringing systemic issues to the attention of appropriate decision-makers within the school or University as a whole.
  • Advocate for full and equitable treatment of student concerns.

Members of the team will NOT

  • Take sides.
  • Act in a way that would compromise their neutrality. (Should an issue arise in which a team member’s neutrality could be questioned, they will recuse themselves from working with that student.)
  • Participate in formal investigations or resolution processes.
  • Make binding decisions or create policies.
  • Keep records or provide detailed reports beyond general trends.