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The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has opportunities for a limited number students from schools throughout the world to participate at our institution. Applicants from approved institutions are accepted based on credentials and space availability. The Office of Student Affairs is the central area which determines appropriate credentials and the clinical departments have final acceptance approval. The quality of the international medical student's experience will be equivalent to that of our students, having the same rights and responsibilities as all other students. Upon acceptance and payment of tuition, the international student will be considered registered and receiving credit for the elective experience. The elective duration must be no less than four (4) weeks with a maximum eight (8) weeks allowed.

Electives approved for international student participation are identified in the Senior Elective Catalog. Students are required to be present for the full length of the planned elective (4 to 8 weeks) to become eligible to receive a satisfactory evaluation and grade.

The international medical applicant must meet the following academic requirements which the applicant's school must verify: in good academic standing at the parent institution; in the final year of clinical studies and have no improper behavior history; have passed the appropriate state examinations in the parent country; are proficient in the English language, both verbal and written.

The cost of participating in this program during the current academic year is estimated as follows:
Non-refundable application fee      $50
Tuition Expense (flat rate) $2,100
Monthly Expenses (estimated)  
     Rent and Utilities     595
     Food     217
     Personal Expenses     128
     Transportation Expenses     134
     Monthly Expenses Total $1,074
Total Expenses (estimated) $3,224

This estimated budget is based on information collected from our own students and their financial needs and does not include air transportation to and from the home country or dependent expenses, if applicable. Your actual expenses may exceed this cost depending on your lifestyle. There is no financial assistance or grants offered by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine to defray these attendance costs.

If you wish to be considered for an elective at our institution, please complete the

International Student Elective Application Request

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