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University of Pittsburgh

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The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine educates physicians who are science-based, skilled, and compassionate clinicians prepared to meet the challenges of practicing medicine in the 21st century, and educates investigators who are prepared to conduct cutting-edge biomedical research focused on bettering the human condition and advancing the fundamental understanding of medical science.

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AdmissionsThe University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine looks for resourceful, creative applicants who are leaders and who balance academic achievement with an abiding sense of personal discovery and a deep commitment to serving others.

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EducationThe University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is a dynamic, fast-growing national leader in sciences, education, and medicine. We are proud of our long tradition of research excellence and training by world-class faculty members committed to mentoring the next generation of scientists and medical professionals.

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ResearchTomorrow's break-throughs depend directly on today's advances in basic research. The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine stands among the nation's leading centers of basic and applied biomedical research.

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The UPSOM Experience

Health care has emerged in recent years as a driving force behind the region's economy, filling the void left by the steel industry and a host of major corporations that once called Pittsburgh home. In the process, this community now sees itself and enjoys a growing reputation as a provider of first-class medical services and a center of leading-edge biomedical research. Integral to the shaping of this identity has been the collaboration between the School of Medicine and UPMC.  closequote

School of Medicine
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M240 Scaife Hall
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Questions about applying or your application should be directed to Admissions and Financial Aid.