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You are required to meet with your Advisory Dean (AD) to discuss your course preferences for the third and fourth year scheduling lotteries. You will submit your preferences electronically and a verification copy will be sent to both you and your AD. Your advisor will notify the Student Affairs Office that you have met your meeting obligation and you will then be eligible to participate in the lottery. All subsequent changes to your schedule should be discussed with your advisor. You are able to make electronic add/drop changes to your schedule throughout the academic year and an updated copy of your schedule will be sent to both you and your AD by email attachment.

Computer Lottery: Both the third year and the fourth year scheduling are by computer lottery. The intent of the lottery is to allow all students a fair opportunity to schedule the most in-demand courses. It is a starting point only and changes may be made as needed after the initial lottery results. A timeline is available at Zone > My Class > Scheduling..

The following is a list of hospital codes used in conjunction with elective course numbers.

Allegheny County Health Department (EE)
Away Elective (ZZ)
Beaver Hospital (CC)
Biomedical Science Tower (U)
Endocrine Service, PUH (A3)
Eye & Ear Hospital or Institute (N)
Falk Clinic (P)
Gateway Rehabiliation Institute (G)
General Surgery, VAH (C1)
GI Service, PUH (A2)
Graduate School of Public Health (FF)
Heritage Valley Beaver (BH)
Hillman Cancer Center (JJ)
Liver Cancer Service, PUH (A5)
Montefiore University Hospital (B)
No Location (99)
Oncology Service, Shadyside (K2)
Presby South Tower (T)
Presbyterian University Hospital (A)
    Scaife Hall (S)
Thoracic Service, Shadyside (K3)
Thoracic Service, VAH (C3)
Trauma/Acute Care Surgery Service, PUH (A4)
UPMC CHP Lawrenceville (CH)
UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital (E)
UPMC McKeesport (M)
UPMC Mercy (H)
UPMC Oakland Campus (X)
UPMC Shadyside (K)
UPMC South Side (BB)
UPMC St. Margarets (Q)
UPMC Western Psychiatric (O)
Vascular Service, PUH (A1)
Vascular Service, Shadyside (K1)
Vascular Service, VAH (C2)
Veterans Administration Medical Center (C)
Washington Hospital (W)
Westmoreland Hospital (AA)

Making Schedule Changes: Changes may be possible if space is available and you have discussed the possible change with your advisor. As a general rule, changes to four (4) week courses must be made four (4) weeks in advance; eight (8) week courses must be made eight (8) weeks in advance. Exception: acting internships require eight (8) week advance notice to add or drop. No changes will be permitted after a predetermined date in February (see the timeline). Changes may be self-processed electronically with the exception of clerkships, acting internships, and integrated life science courses. In addition, independent study, research and scholarly project electives require an approved prospectus and so are not eligible for self-processed electronic add/drop.

Extramural Electives: An extramural (away) elective is defined as one which is not under the direct supervision of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Faculty.

Application for Extramural Elective within the United States

International Electives - International Electives require the completion of an approval form and a Travel Abroad Contract as well as meeting the items on the Checklist. This paperwork is required for all international electives to be taken for credit, whether they are arranged with Pitt faculty or independently.

Application for International Elective

The Extramural Compendium contains information about scheduling elective opportunities at other US medical schools. It is available from the AAMC on the Web.

Scholarly Project, Research and Independent Study Electives: The curriculum provides an opportunity for a meaningful research or independent study experience. The period of time must be focused and carefully planned. Any experience that does not fit a course description published in the course catalog will require submission of a thoughtfully written prospectus, which includes a hypothesis, an experimental plan and a brief literature review. The prospectus must be signed by your Advisory Dean and the preceptor who will be doing the grading. Submit the document to the Office of Student Affairs not later than six weeks prior to initiation of the elective. Credit cannot be given unless this prospectus has been pre-approved. A maximum of two months may be devoted to research, exclusive of the scholarly project elective, which may be taken for two months also. Exceptions to this rule must be discussed with the Dean of Students and approved by the Executive Curriculum Committee.

Sample Prospectus
   Submit Scholarly Project and non-SP research prospectus to the Student Research Office - 533 Scaife Hall
   Submit Independent Study Proposals to the Dean of Students - 532 Scaife Hall
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