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The Office of Diversity Programs: Committed to Your Success

The Office of Diversity Programs partners with you to support your academic, professional, and personal success. We understand the needs of medical students and are dedicated to meeting those needs. Our services and programs are designed to enhance your intellectual experience, nurture your sense of well-being, and strengthen your professional development. On any given day we might celebrate a birthday, deal with a family emergency, or enjoy your satisfaction on passing Step 1 of the National Boards. You can count on us.



Our Programs

Prematriculation Program (Summer Prior to Year 1)
Each summer, admitted entering medical students are invited to participate in a five-week Prematriculation Program. Now in its 27th year, the program features a non-graded introduction to first-year medical school coursework. You get the opportunity to meet many of the School’s faculty, students, administration, and staff, all of whom are sincerely committed to your academic and professional success.

Academic Support/Counseling
A primary focus is helping students reach their goals. We’ve learned that all medical students—and especially diverse students—thrive best with routine and active involvement in a larger community. We start the community building process early—well before high school for some students—and continue long after you’ve moved on to your residency.

We provide a direct link to the services—academic and nonacademic—offered by the Office of Student Affairs and the Academic Development Office and available to all students.

These services include individual counseling sessions conducted by academic counselors and peer tutoring.

Peer Tutorial Services
The Student Academic Resources Consortium (SARC) team, comprised of second-year medical students, helps first-year students adjust to the rigors of medical school. Services include:

The Tutorial Services Program is staffed by second and third-year students who’ve “been there,” know what it takes and who are committed to helping students succeed.

Professional Networking
We support a large and active chapter of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA). Each year, the SNMA matches diverse freshmen with upper class SNMA members who provide advice and guidance on how to negotiate the academic and social waters of medical school.

Physician Partners Mentor Program
This program offers the advantage of meeting and being mentored by diverse physicians in the community. Faculty, administrators, students and practicing physicians come together to provide avenues of support and contact to current students.


Enrichment Programs

Pre-Baccalaureate/Summer Premedical Academic
Enrichment Program

The Summer Premedical Academic Enrichment Program (SPAEP) Level I helps underrepresented high school seniors and college freshmen strengthen academic skills and focus their interest in a medical career. Program courses enhance learning and develop study skills in science, written English and public speaking. You’ll receive a stipend, personal support and academic counseling as well as the opportunity to interact regularly with doctors and medical students with similar backgrounds and educational experiences.

SPAEP Level II gives undergraduate juniors and seniors a mentored research experience and exposure to the hospital environment. Level II also helps prepare you for the medical school admissions process by offering training for the MCAT and interview situations.

Both programs are seven weeks in length and offer housing, meals, travel and stipends. The application deadline is March 1 of each year.

Click here for Summer Application

High-School Students/Medical Explorers
Medical Explorers is a school-year program for Pittsburgh-area high school students. The group meets weekly, examining a (student-selected) different topic each semester. Students attend lectures from minority physicians, meet and interact with minority medical students, shadow physicians, and participate in laboratory experiences such as clinical pathology conferences. Supplemental activities such as CPR certification and study skills instruction are available. This program is offered in partnership with the Boy Scouts of Southwestern Pennsylvania.


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