All schedules are shown in pdf format, which is device and resolution independent. The Acrobat Reader software from Adobe Systems Inc. is available without cost by clicking on Acrobat Reader .

Clerkship courses are course specific and non clerkship courses are department specific. Selecting the even-numbered year will give you availability information; selecting the odd-numbered year will give you a list of student names scheduled for each academic block. Review the course catalog for specifics regarding any course offering. If the course is listed in the catalog but is not listed on the master schedule, no student has chosen to schedule that course and it should be available.

The pdf search function can greatly assist you to find information, e.g., course number (5440); student name; academic block. Select search on the top bar and a box will appear on the right of the screen for entering your request. Select from the results.

To change a non clerkship course, you must meet the course prerequisites and be within the appropriate time frame: Acting Internships require eight-weeks; selective courses vary, as listed in the course catalog. Changes for AI, ILS, research, independent study, and extramural elective courses can not be done electronically. To request this type of change, send an E-Mail message to Joanne Colligan with details for both the add and the drop. All other elective changes may be made electronically on the Zone > My Class > Scheduling.

To change a clerkship course, you must speak with the Dean of Students, Dr. Joan Harvey, for approval. The appropriate time frame for change is four-week clerkship - four weeks in advance; eight-week clerkships - eight weeks in advance.

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Clerkship Courses - By Academic Block
Academic Year Departments Academic Year
Combined Ambulatory Medicine
(MED 5328)
Family Medicine
(FM 5316)
2013-2014 Adult Inpatient Medicine
(MED 5322)
2013-2014 Clinical Neuroscience
(PSYC 5365)
2013-2014 Obstetrics and Gynecology
(OBGYN 5341)
2013-2014 Pediatric Inpatient Medicine
(PEDS 5351)
2013-2014 Specialty Care
(EMED 5376)
2013-2014 Surgery and Perioperative Care
(SURG 5371)
Not Active Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
(SURG 5360)
Non Clerkship Courses - By Academic Block
Academic Year Departments Academic Year
2013-2014 Special Elective (MSELCT) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Anesthesiology (MSANE) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Critical Care Medicine (CCM) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Cardiothoracic Surgery (CTSURG) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Dermatology (DERM) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Emergency Medicine (EMED) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Family Medicine (FM) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Internal Medicine (MED) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Neurological Surgery (NSURG) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Neurology (NEURO) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Ophthalmology (OPHTH) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Orthopedic Surgery (OSURG) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Otolaryngology (OTO) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Pathology (MSPTH) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Pediatrics (PEDS) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMDREH) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Plastic Surgery 2012-2013
2013-2014 Psychiatry (PSYC) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Radiology, Diagnostic (RAD1) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Radiation Oncology (RAD2) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Surgery (SURG) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Urology (URLGY) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Oral Maxillofacial Surgery (MD/OMS) 2012-2013
2013-2014 Molecular Genetics and Biochemstry 2012-2013